Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Please check this page as it may answer some questions or concerns about our Reiki & Intuitive Healing services.

FAQ's Questions we get asked about our intuitive & Reiki healing services.

  • Will it work for me?

    Energy healing works on many levels but every person is different, therefore achieving a different result. Some people have immediate changes such as a feeling of lightness and clarity and for others it is not so obvious yet and can be a slower process depending on what needs to be unpacked and integrated.


  • How to prepare before my appointment?

    Drink plenty of water the day before your treatment and leading up to your treatment as it helps the energy flow better.


  • What should I do after a healing?

    Again, drink plenty of water, some herbal tea and having a bath with epsom salts is highly recommended as it is a beautiful way to rebalance and nurture.


  • Do I have to lay down for a healing session?

    No you don’t. You can also sit in a chair.


  • How many healing sessions will I need?

    Sometimes one session is enough to resolve whatever the issue is but it depends on a few factors such as how deep the problem is, if the client is open to receiving the energy and how well the client responds after the first treatment. Everybody is different.


  • What will I feel during a healing session?

    Everyone experiences different things but some common ones are:

    • Heat
    • Tingling
    • Body twitches
    • Stomach rumbling
    • Deep relaxation
    • Visual experiences – such as images and colours
    • Altered states



  • What should I wear to a healing session?

    Wear loose, comfortable clothes that you can relax and move freely in.


  • How does distance healing work?

    Energy has no space or time limitations, therefore anyone can be healed anywhere.