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Feedback from some amazing people I have had the pleasure to work with…




Canberra ACT

Wow. WOW! I am in absolute awe of this incredible Goddess. I was so blessed to have a healing session with Selina today. From the get-go, she got me. She sees through the mask. The depth, breadth and clarity of my journey so beautifully aligned with Selina's explanation of what she experienced - both of which were filled with insights, explanations, visions and deep release. I wish I could tell you the whole experience instead, instead, I will tell you that this Goddess is THE business. Her healing vibe (hands, energy, insights, advice, environment - everything) is divine and a must-do. I was so deep that it took a good dose of frankincense to come back!!! I have no doubt this healing will continue over the next week and I can't wait to see and feel the changes. Thank you divine one. YOU are a treasure. 


Canberra ACT

This evening I received a (remote) distance Reiki Healing.  Selina was very helpful in setting up the whole process and explained what was involved. Her personal and caring approach made me feel at ease.

After previously receiving reiki treatments in person this was the first time I’d experienced a distance healing session and was pleasantly surprised by its efficacy; as I was instantly “aware” of the energy flow, in and around my body.

At the conclusion of the session she contacted me by phone to follow up & discuss anything that was intuitively revealed to her during the session with pin point accuracy. Another amazing healing session from Selina. Highly recommended!



I recently went to see Selina for an Auric Field and Chakra cleanse. I have to say that Selina has a very powerful gift. I was able to feel the movement of energy being unblocked and released as she hovered her hands around my body so it could flow freely again. I felt a dense, heavy band being dissolved around my forehead and temples leaving me feeling lighter, more energetic and in a more positive state of mind. Not only was she able to shift these blocks but identify the underlying causes. Will definitely by seeing her again. 5 stars!


Braidwood NSW

Thank you to Selina for her professional, gentle & caring healing session. She has amazing intuitive healing powers and makes you feel you are in a place of absolute safety and love. She has an incredible insight into any health issues you may have and connects beautifully with spirit guides and passed love ones to relay messages of love and guidance. After visiting Selina I felt so relaxed and peaceful and had the best night’s sleep I’d had in months. Thank you again Selina 🙏 


Canberra ACT

I happened to be visiting Your Healing Space, (the best Hippy shop around!!), in Bungendore and Selina was there. So I immediately booked a session. I had not had this type of reading / healing before and to my surprise it was the best I have ever had. I loved the way Selina said to me as I was laying relaxed, “see you on the other side”. The healing was beautiful, the atmosphere so relaxing. I loved the process with the music, palo santo and oils, singing bowl and drums.  Then after when she began telling me everything that happened through the healing, I was so amazed. She was telling me things that made so much sense to me and why I was feeling the way I was. The information that came through was just what I needed. I only wish I knew what was going to happen so I could have recorded or written everything down as it has taken me a few days to process it all and remember everything. I highly recommend Selina and I look forward to having another session with her in the future.


Bungendore NSW

Selina’s holistic approach to Reiki therapy really gave me a much deeper understanding of where my blockages, issues & ailments were originating from, even ones I thought I had let go of. Within minutes into the session I felt incredible radiant energy; a kind of buzzing all over that was eventually coupled by a deep sense of calmness and that “I was in the right place”.  I am not new to the healing experience of Reiki but after seeing other Reiki practitioners; none compare by far, to the purity and depth of the universal life force energy that Selina is able to channel. I have no hesitation in recommending Selina. Thank you so much Selina, I will never forget this session. You’re a natural healer and a star!


Canberra, ACT

My first impression walking into Selina’s practice was of a welcoming, relaxed and safe space. Selina was thorough during the healing and was able to deliver information I needed to hear in a compassionate manner. I wasn’t made to feel less than and I was empowered to make better decisions. The crystal healing aided by reiki was impeccable and helpful, I could not fault it. I definitely will be returning to Selina again and would recommend her practice highly to anyone at any level of spirituality and self discovery.



Selina is a precious gift to the world. An enlightened being with an undeniable psychic ability. I am pleased to have come across her existence in this universe, time and life.

I just received an AMAZING reading, I felt like she was speaking directly to my heart. My best friend had departed, and I still have such a difficult time accepting it. Selina’s reading was so accurate that it felt like my friend was actually speaking to me. Selina left me with such a great sense of comfort!

Thank you Selina.

Brad G


I was fortunate enough to have an amazing distant reading done from this incredible intuitive lady, she was on point with so many things. Do yourself a favour and book in with this lady for an amazing experience.

Glenn R

Canberra, ACT

Selina had such a strong connection and so accurate. It was amazing the detail she described. It wasn’t just one thing but many!
This really helped our family to heal from the loss of a loved one.
Selina is such a friendly person and willing to help. 5 star service. You won’t be disappointed!